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Customer Service Statement

Our Values Include

  • Respect for all Cultures and Languages.

  • Inspire Passion for Languages.

  • Break down barriers to Learning Languages and between different communities.

Our Pledge

  • At Foreign Language Bookshop, we deeply care about all the world's languages and see our mission not simply to supply great language learning materials but as a company, strive to deliver Value, Excellence and Caring to the language learning community as a whole and thus support the greater goal of facilitating communication among members of the global community and promoting multiculturalism.

  • Every member of Foreign Language staff must have a deep level of respect to customers of all cultures by giving each and every person a deep sense of belonging each and every time they visit or communicate with our culturally-friendly workplace and; foster assimilation of all cultures into the global village of mankind, inspire passion for languages, books, music and film and promote its power for achieving tolerance throughout the world.

  • Foreign Language Bookshop's mission includes the provision of a highly credible advisory service to other experts. ie government, business, librarians, researchers, teachers and their students, societies and professionals - empowering them to excel in language.

  • Foreign Language Bookshop strives to assist immigrants and emigrants through the provision of learning aids and products from their mother country to reduce isolation.

  • Foreign Language Bookshop strives to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services, just as we support the advance of knowledge and learning, we are constantly developing our own professional skills too.

By striving to align our goals and values with those of our communities and customers, Foreign Language Bookshop recognises that in partnership with them we can make an important contribution to our multicultural and multilingual communities.