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Shipping Policies

Calculation of Shipping Costs will ship all ordered items together to minimise the shipping charges. There is a per-shipment fee plus an additional fee for each item in the shipment. Our competitive agreement with our global freight companies will ensure that all rates are fair and reasonable.

Shipping Restrictions

Please note that certain destinations cannot be shipped to under the normal terms of trade. These countries are listed in our shipping restrictions page. If you would like shipment to one of these countries, please email stating the items that you are interested and a Language Consultant will guide you through our manual processing procedure.

Delivery Time

When you place an order, we undertake to pack and despatch goods to you within 48 hours. If there is an unexpected delay in delivering your shipment for any reason, we will contact you via email or telephone to notify you.

Shipping Rates for Australian Destinations

 Charge for First Item 
 Each Additional Item 
Australian Capital Territory$6.50$0.25
New South Wales$6.50$0.25
Northern Territory$6.50$0.25
South Australia$6.50$0.25
Western Australia$6.50$0.25

Shipping Rates for International Destinations

 Charge for First Item 
 Each Additional Item 
Canada, USA, England$20.00$2.00
Europe (including Ireland, Scotland, Wales)$20.00$3.00
New Zealand$9.90$0.00
Rest of World$25.00$4.00